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Addressing the Recent Chargers Coaching Rumors

Someone out there believes the San Diego Chargers are focusing their Head Coaching search on Lovie Smith and Bruce Arians. That's completely insane.

Jonathan Daniel

See that? That, Bill Williamson, is the type of garbage that is going to drive Darren Smith to kill somebody. Since Bill is writing "as ESPN", this tweet gets retweeted and responded to as if it is fact. Read it again. Slowly. Once more. "Head-coach focus MAY BE on Lovie Smith and Bruce Arians." Not is. MAY BE. There is no "fray" with may be, Bill. Let me try this out on my own.

Now that Andy Reid has agreed to coached the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chargers head-coach focus may be on Vince Lombari and Tom Landry with others potentially joining the fray OF MY IMAGINATION.

There's irresponsible and then there's tweets that make it sounds like your imagination is fact. There is still a difference. I think.

Now.....I would like to respond with the reports that the San Diego Chargers are interested in Lovie Smith and/or Bruce Arians by stating that they are BULLSHIT and I refuse to accept them. First of all, how are the Chargers down to two candidates when the first step in their plan (Hire a GM) isn't yet completed?

Also, how are they going to fire the GM, basically stating that he has built an incredibly flawed roster that can not be easily fixed in the offseason, and then hire a 60 year old coach with no Head Coaching experience to fix it? That's madness! "We know you'll probably only be coaching for 5 or so years and have never been a Head Coach before, but please take this terrible team that can't possibly be fixed overnight and win a Super Bowl!" Ron Wolf and Dean Spanos have to be smarter than that

As far as Lovie goes, I don't hate the man. Is he atrocious at using timeouts and challenges, which is basically 2/3rds of the job of being a Head Coach? Absolutely, but we don't need to go over that right now. All you really need to know about Lovie Smith is that he's a former Defensive Coordinator, and he runs a 4-3 defense. That is to say, he coaches a defense that this roster is ill-fit for. He's also ill-fit for a coaching staff that includes a second year 3-4 Defensive Coordinator (John Pagano) that the Chargers would like to keep.

So, the Chargers need someone that will be around for a while and someone that can focus on the offense while leaving the defense to John Pagano. It seems to me that there aren't two worse candidates out there for the job than Bruce Arians and Lovie Smith.