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Andy Reid Reaches Agreement to Coach Kansas City Chiefs

The San Diego Chargers were just a part of Andy Reid's negotiations with the Kansas City Chiefs, who he has now agreed to be the Head Coach of.


Remember that story yesterday about how the Kansas City Chiefs really wanted to hire Andy Reid, and he really wanted to interview with the Arizona Cardinals (despite skipping his first interview with them) and the San Diego Chargers (who aren't yet interviewing Head Coaching candidates)? I wrote about it here, but it's not worth reading because it turns out those rumors were floated by Reid's agent as a way to drive up his asking price with the Chiefs.

The method worked, and today comes news that Andy Reid has reached an agreement with the Chiefs to be their next Head Coach. The Chiefs celebrated by firing General Manager Scott Pioli and letting Andy pick who he wants to replace him.

So, there goes Andy Reid. No longer an option for the San Diego Chargers to interview once they've found themselves a Head Coach. If he ends up being as successful with the Chiefs as he was with the Eagles, the Chargers may be kicking themselves over not opening their door to Reid sooner when he seemed quite interested.