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NFLPA Requests Replacement for San Diego Chargers Team Doctor David Chao

The NFL Players' Association does not trust David Chao and does not want him treating players anymore. They have asked the league to replace him as Team Doctor of the San Diego Chargers.

Brendan Smialowski

Big news today, as the NFL Players Association has asked for the National Football League to intervene at Chargers Park and force the team to replace long-time Team Doctor and screw-up David Chao.

Well, then. Three things can now happen.

  1. The team can take it upon themselves to let David Chao go, taking it out of the hands of the league.
  2. The league can intervene and force the Chargers to replace Chao.
  3. The team and the league can ignore the NFLPA's request, which would probably result in a pretty ugly legal battle over the issue.

If the San Diego Chargers were concerned about being brought up on wrongful termination suit by Dr. Chao, claiming that he had been fired due to his past legal issues, they would pretty much be in the clear now. If both groups that they answer to are forcing the issue, due mostly to incompetence, then they would seemingly have plenty of good reasons to let the man go.

If you came here specifically looking for my reaction to the news, I'm sorry to disappoint you. There will be no shoveling-of-dirt onto the grave of Dr. David Chao by me. However, my initial reaction to the news did happen to be caught on camera.