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Chargers Line Up First Head Coach Interview With Andy Reid

Despite the reports that Andy Reid is a sure thing to take the open Head Coaching job in Kansas City, Reid will still interview with the Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers.


This was fairly predictable. Andy Reid has been campaigning for Norv Turner's job as Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers since before Norv Turner was even fired, and his desire to land in San Diego has not dissipated despite some strong wooing on the part of the Kansas City Chiefs.

For those that haven't been following along, "Big Red" scheduled his first job interview with the Arizona Cardinals. The Kansas City Chiefs convinced Andy to stop and interview with them on his way west, and the two sides ended up talking for 9 hours yesterday. The meeting went so long, in fact, that Reid missed his scheduled interview with the Arizona Cardinals.

This morning, ESPN and others reported that Reid is on the verge of signing with the Chiefs, who have plenty of young talent, a #1 overall pick in the 2013 draft, a flexible QB situation and have apparently offered to fire GM Scott Pioli in favor of whoever Reid would like to take his seat. This makes total sense. The Chiefs roster is filled with former (and current) Pro Bowlers, yet is still very young. Reid would be afforded the opportunity to take Geno Smith in the draft to try and mold him into a new, better Donovan McNabb.

The bad news for the Chiefs, and Chiefs fans, is that Reid really wants to be Head Coach of the Chargers. Andy grew up in Los Angeles and has an offseason home in San Diego. It would be a homecoming for Reid to land with the Chargers, and he'd be a fantastic choice to lead the team back to Los Angeles if they can't get a stadium deal done in San Diego.

So, despite the fact that the Chargers are not scheduling interviews for Head Coaches until they first find a General Manager, they have agreed to meet with and interview Reid for the position (as have the Cardinals). My assumption is that this is at the behest of Reid, and that the Chargers have responded to his inquiries with something along the lines of "We can set something up for next week because we'll have made our GM decision by then."

Despite how you may feel about Reid as a Head Coaching candidate, his willingness to put the Chiefs on hold and push for an interview with the Chargers should show you the type of demand a Head Coaching job in Southern California can generate. That has to be a good sign, right?