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That Did Not Look Athletic Championship: #1 Seed (Taiwan Jones and Marcel Reece) vs. #11 Seed (Ben Roethlisberger)

No two week build-up, folks: The TDNLA Championship game is upon us . . .

Neutral Cheerleaders
Neutral Cheerleaders
Stephen Dunn

Thank you for being a part of the laughter for these last five months. I decided to switch it up and ask some of the BFTB staff what they thought of this Championship match-up:

Gif 1 gave hilarious (and probably gross) birth to TDNLA. That's why it should win. Because as funny as Big Ben's "rapist who just got caught" face is, we hate the Raiders. A lot. And their failure was so spectacular it grew into a weekly spectacle of sporting "wtf-lolz" that we've enjoyed since. So there.


Let's be honest, it ain't easy arguing against birthrights and wtf-lolz.

As a Chargers fan I have a hard time rooting for the Raiders to win anything. However, if there was any time it was appropriate for me to root for a Raiders victory, it would be for the TDNLA Championship.


Raiders schadenfreude . . . very persuasive.

I vote for the Raiders gif because of circumstance. Ben was obviously under pressure, and pressure has a way of making us all look very unathletic. The Raiders gif is just an example of why some guys can play in the NFL and the rest end up on the Raiders.

~John Gennaro

And a shot against the mother-f*cking bow from BFTB's Managing Editor, John Gennaro.

The above comments give me a sense of where BFTB readers stand already but let's take a look anyway . .

#1 Seed (Taiwan Jones and Marcel Reece)


After a 1st round bye Taiwan Jones and Marcel Reece defeated #12 Peyton Manning and #4 Bront Bird to get to the TDNLA Championship. After 161 total votes had been cast, the Raiders duo crushed Bront Bird 124 to 37 (77% to 22%).

#11 Seed (Ben Roethlisberger)


Ben Roethlisberger did it the hard way, beginning his tournament in the Wild Card round. Big Ben defeated #6 Malcolm Jenkins, followed by #2 Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos, and then coasted into the finals after defeating #3 Philip Rivers.

After 159 votes had been cast, Roethlisberger knocked out Philip Rivers 107 to 52 (67% to 32%) to meet the #1 seed out of Oakland.

What say you . . .

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