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That Did Not Look Athletic Semifinals: #1 Seed (Taiwan Jones and Marcel Reece) vs. #4 Seed (Bront Bird)

In the first semifinal of the week, two members of the Oakland Raiders offense battle a Chargers linebacker for the right to move on to the TDNLA championship.


There's little left for me to say about these GIFs. You've seen them all. You get the idea. The only thing left is for us to cast our votes*.

*Collectively we'll cast our votes. But you only get one vote. Singular. This ain't Chicago.

#1 Seed (Taiwan Jones and Marcel Reece)


This particular pair of bumbling Raiders teamed-up to defeat Peyton Manning last week by a slim margin of thirteen votes. Do they have enough to hold their seed and move on to the TDNLA championship? There's one man standing in their way . . .

#4 Seed (Bront Bird)


With 60% of the BFTB electorate supporting his efforts, the #4 seed Bront Bird, crushed Jovan Belcher and Brandon Flowers last week.

Who amongst these men do we find the least athletic? You have until 3pm on Thursday to make this determination.

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