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San Diego Chargers Fire Hal Hunter, Charlie Joiner Retires

Kevin Acee reports that the San Diego Chargers have fired Offensive Line Coach (and Offensive Coordinator) Hal Hunter, and that Wide Receivers Coach Charlie Joiner has retired.

Justin Edmonds

Now hear this:

You'll remember Jason Michael as the kid that Norv Turner plucked away from the San Francisco 49ers two years ago to replace Rob Chudzinski. Michael was thought to be something of a Norv protégé, after working with him previously with the Niners.

Interesting that Michael is staying, considering the Tight Ends haven't been very good for the San Diego Chargers for the last two seasons. He must've done something to impress Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt (an old TE Coach himself).

Charlie Joiner is 65 years old and may have been forced into retirement. I mean that he probably had no desire to coach anywhere but San Diego, and the Chargers probably let him know that they wouldn't be signing him to a new contract. Either that or he just decided he was done after the year that was with Ronald Meachem.

The most surprising name to be let go probably is Hal Hunter, who is so well thought of as the Offensive Line Coach that he was named the team's Offensive Coordinator last year when Clarence Shelmon retired. Hunter's offensive lines haven't been very good, but he hasn't had much talent to work with. Whoever replaces him will probably have at least one high draft pick and maybe a free agent signing to help improve the line.

No word on who the replacements for Hal Hunter and Charlie Joiner might be, but keep an eye on Russ Grimm (Whisenhunt's well-respected Offensive Line Coach with the Arizona Cardinals) and John Jefferson (that might be a joke).