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San Diego Chargers Hire Special Teams Coach, Fire Strength and Conditioning Coach

The San Diego Chargers continue their overhaul, bringing in a new Special Teams Coach and firing the Strength and Conditioning Staff.

Justin Edmonds

Things continue to move and shake down at Chargers Park, and it's now obvious that Dean Spanos has handed full control of the team over to new General Manager Tom Telesco and new Head Coach Mike McCoy.

Word came out yesterday that the team has replaced the recently-departed (he quit, he didn't die) Rich Bisaccia with former Arizona Cardinals' Special Teams Coach Kevin Spencer. This is another case of Mike McCoy, who doesn't have many ties that aren't signed to contracts with the Denver Broncos, leaning on the ties of his Offensive Coordinator (Ken Whisenhunt) to fill some key roles (at least temporarily).

Then, today, the Silver Fox broke this news:

Jeff Hurd, who was the Strength and Conditioning Coach, was brought in when Norv Turner was hired. No word on if Vernon Stephens, the team's Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, was let go but Acee's phrasing makes it sound likely. (Editor's Note: Stephens is gone too.)

Despite the Chargers not being a physically strong team, or one able to stay healthy consistently, Hurd was well thought of at Chargers Park. The fact that he was let go should put everyone within the organization on alert. If you're not good at your job, expect the shadow of an axe to be over your head shortly.