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Which Player Has Performed Against All Odds This Season?

We discuss which NFL player and which Chargers player performed against all odds this season.


Another week and another Gillette poll question. This week's question is "Which player has performed against all odds this season?" You can vote on your answer here.

The obvious answer, if you're talking about in the entire league, is Adrian Peterson. The man came back from tearing two ligaments in his knee on Christmas to be the leading rusher (and almost breaking the single-season rushing record) in a season that started just 9 months later.

Now, if you're talking about the San Diego Chargers, it gets a little trickier. Is it Philip Rivers, playing behind an offensive line that resembles a wet paper bag? Perhaps it's Danario Alexander, coming off the street and forced into a starting role?

For me, I think the Chargers player that has performed best this season against all odds is Mike Scifres. Mike had one of his best seasons, in a career that should include multiple Pro Bowl visits, despite injuries obtained by being hit on blocked punts. Missed assignments left Scifres in a position of weakness more than once, and he was asked to go out and Punt each week with an injured groin for the last few months of the season.