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John Pagano Officially Remains San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinator

Even though his Head Coach has changed, John Pagano will remain as the Defensive Coordinator of the San Diego Chargers after a successful first season on the job.


Turns out that the rumors of the San Diego Chargers going for an offensive-minded Head Coach so that they can retain John Pagano as their Defensive Coordinator had at least some truth to them. The team made it official today with the following announcement:

Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy announced today that John Pagano will be the team's defensive coordinator and assistant coaches Don Johnson (defensive line), Joe Barry (linebackers) and Greg Williams (assistant linebackers) will also join his staff.

What they mean by "join the staff" is that these guys get to keep their jobs. These are widely thought of to be the most integral men on the Chargers' defensive staff, so these moves all make sense.

This is hardly the last decision that Mike McCoy will have to make regarding his coaching staff. He'll need to make decisions on every position coach on the offensive side of the ball, he'll need to find a Secondary Coach and a Special Teams Coach, and then he can start making decisions on the generic coaches (like "Strength and Conditioning Coach", "Coaches Assistant", etc.).

Still, it's exciting to see the Bolts hang on to guys that have performed well in their duties. So far, Mike McCoy has made all the right decisions.