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That Did Not Look Athletic Quarterfinals: #1 Seed (Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones) Versus #12 Seed (Peyton Manning)

With a trip to the semifinals hanging in the balance, the #1 seed makes its long awaited debut against the tournament's #12 seed.

Cheering On The Tournament's #1 Seed
Cheering On The Tournament's #1 Seed
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With yesterday's polls closing a short while ago, BFTB readers pushed Ben Roethlisberger into the semifinals by a margin of 9 (53% to 47%) over his competitor, Eric Decker. The two had spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening separated by less than a handful of votes, a TDNLA barn burner!

With Ben Roethlisberger (11) advancing, he joins Philip Rivers (3) and Bront Bird (4) in next week's semifinals. With that said, we have but one match-up remaining, and in it we unveil the tournament's # 1 seed . . .

#1 Seed (Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones)


Before you go getting all judgmental about my manner of seeding let me say the following:

  1. I factor in my own personal preferences when seeding these GIFs.
  2. I factor in BFTB reader response.
  3. I factor in our collective dislike for certain teams and players.

Now that I have mentioned my influences let me tell you the most important reason for why Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones have received the #1 seed in the inaugural tournament:

  • That Did Not Look Athletic exists because of this play.

I arrived home on a Monday night for the first Chargers game of the year, turned on the television, and I immediately bore witness to two extraordinarily athletic humans completely sh*tting the the bed. This bed-sh*tting was not half-assed (pun intended). It was thorough. It was comical. And it involved the Raiders playing IN Oakland so every one of their idiotic, face-painting fans could witness the birth of a "new" era under Dennis Allen.

In my mind's eye this GIF achieved perfection . . . and TDNLA was born.

Perfection: it's a lofty standard. The #1 seed of Reece and Jones have their work cut out for them if they want to advance to the semifinals because before them stands their AFC West rival . . .

#12 Seed (Peyton Manning)


Peyton Manning is the dark horse to win it all. There may be a #12 in front of his name but, in the eyes of BFTB readers, he's become the #1 choice to take it all.

Is Peyton Manning athletic to begin with? No, not really.

Is Peyton Manning doing anything that 85% of the league's other QBs wouldn't also do in an interception return situation? No, not really.

Does any of this matter? No, not really.

This is now in your hands BFTB . . .