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That Did Not Look Athletic Quarterfinals: #2 Seed (Eric Decker) Versus #11 Seed (Ben Roethlisberger)

The TDNLA quarterfinals continue with Eric Decker of the Broncos and the Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger channeling their inner-athlete.

Eric Decker brings his special lady friends to cheer him on to TDNLA glory.
Eric Decker brings his special lady friends to cheer him on to TDNLA glory.

Yesterday BFTB readers voted for Philip Rivers, the tournament's #3 seed, overwhelmingly in his match-up against the Chiefs' Eric Berry. El Capitan moved on with a convincing 15 point margin. Rivers will face the #4 seed and Chargers teammate, Bront Bird, next week in the TDNLA semifinals.

Today we see the tournament's #2 seed, Eric Decker, challenge a tournament upstart in the #11 seed Ben Roethlisberger. Let's review . . .

#2 Seed (Eric Decker)


Such a memorable game for Chargers fans. In a bad way. Decker looked foolish on this play but they won the game you may be asking, "Who's laughing now?" We are, that's who! With Decker's season ending prematurely to Ray Lewis and the Ravens we have come here to laugh. And laugh we shall.

#11 Seed (Ben Roehlisberger)


What's there to say about this GIF of Ben that wasn't already said last week? How about this one-liner from my twitter pal, Ryan Luz:



References to premature ejaculation never get old. Go ahead and laugh, it's funny. Look at Ben's face. He thought it was funny. And then he got nailed and made an "ohhhhh face""!! Hahahahahah. A crude Office Space reference. Hahahahahaha.

Enough! Go vote!

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