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Might Ken Whisenhunt Be the New Chargers' Offensive Coordinator?

Jason LaCanfora reports that the Chargers are interested in former Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt as their Offensive Coordinator, and the feeling could be mutual.


As you know, new Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy is looking for an Offensive Coordinator to call his plays. Jason LaCanfora, noted Frank Zappa fan, thinks he might know who is the front-runner to be the new Offensive Coordinator for the San Diego Chargers.

There's just one Head Coaching vacancy left in the NFL, and it's that of Whisenhunt's old job in Arizona, so his options now are to go back to being an Offensive Coordinator or take some time off from football. He seems to favor the former, interviewing for jobs across the NFL including the Chargers' Head Coaching position.

Whisenhunt was only an Offensive Coordinator for three years with the Pittsburgh Steelers before landing the gig as Head Coach of the Cardinals, but the Steelers went 5-1 with a Super Bowl Championship in his first two seasons and the offense wasn't all that bad.

Whisenhunt returned to the Super Bowl to face his former employer in 2008 as Head Coach of the Cardinals (who were 9-7, by the way), but the Steelers won again and Ken's team has been on the downslide ever since as talented players have left without being properly replaced.

Would Ken Whisenhunt be a great hire for Offensive Coordinator of the Chargers? It's tough to tell. He didn't do much to coach up the talent he had in Arizona, but he seemed to be able to call plays well when the talent was already there.

He would be there to assist Mike McCoy in the transition from Offensive Coordinator to Head Coach, which is a nice perk, but it's not a reason to hire someone. Trust in McCoy to do the right thing here and find someone who can call plays and someone he can work with every week to generate an offensive gameplan.