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That Did Not Look Athletic Quarterfinals: #3 Seed (Philip Rivers) Versus #9 Seed (Eric Berry)

The TDNLA quarterfinals roll on as Philip Rivers does battle with Chiefs DB Eric Berry.


Yesterday the #4 seed, Chargers linebacker Bront Bird, defeated Jovan Belcher and Brandon Flowers with 60% of the vote to advance to next week's TDNLA semifinals. Will another Charger be (un)-lucky enough to advance to the semi's with him? Let's take a closer look . . .

#3 Seed (Philip Rivers)


Philip Rivers found his way into TDNLA lore on a weekly basis in 2012 and this play against the Jets in December was no exception. This "sack" looks terrible in the most awesome way possible. I don't know that I have ever seen a QB take a sack in such a way. What I do know however, is that Philip's acceptance of his offensive line's deficiencies and his decision to just hit the deck prevented a costly turnover and the Chargers netted a victory because of it.

Wait a minute . . . Philip's solid decision making ruined our draft position! T-D-N-L-A!

#9 Seed (Eric Berry)


Does Philip Rivers and his lofty status as the # 3 Seed have enough to defeat the favorite GIF of BFTB readers: Eric Berry? I just don't know. Philip's play is pure TDNLA while Eric Berry's play was induced by a future resident of Canton.

This could go either way. Have at it, BFTB.