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Watch the Live Stream of Mike McCoy's Introductory Press Conference

The San Diego Chargers will be introducing their new Head Coach, Mike McCoy, to the press and the fans at 2pm (Pacific) today. The press conference will be live streamed on there site here.

Assuming this goes as GM Tom Telesco's press conference went, McCoy will thank the Spanos family, discuss his first (and only) interview with the Chargers and thank those that gave him a chance with the Denver Broncos before taking questions from the San Diego sports media.

One of the most common questions I've gotten since the announcement of McCoy as the team's new Head Coach is whether or not he will call the offensive plays himself or hire an Offensive Coorinator to do that. This will undoubtedly be asked, and hopefully will be answered, during this press conference.

There will also probably be a question or two regarding Peyton Manning and his involvement in the play-calling and offensive gameplan for the Broncos in 2012.

You can use the comments below as an "Open Thread" for the press conference.