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That Did Not Look Athletic Quarterfinals: #4 Seed (Bront Bird) Versus #7 Seed (Brandon Flowers and Jovan Belcher)

The Quarterfinals of the "That Did Not Look Athletic" Playoffs begin today with the debut of the #4 Seed. The decision of who will advance is now in your hands.

Dino Panato

With the 1st round of the playoffs completed last week, BFTB readers chose the following GIFs to advance to this week's quarterfinal round:

  • #7 Seed (Brandon Flowers and Jovan Belcher)
  • #9 Seed (Eric Berry)
  • #11 Seed (Ben Roethlisberger)
  • #12 Seed (Peyton Manning)

These four "winners" have advanced to face-off against the the top four seeds who received byes last week. Today we begin with the playoff debut of the #4 Seed . . .

#4 Seed (Bront Bird)


In the span of seconds, Chargers linebacker Bront Bird, goes from athletic superhero to uncoordinated chump. It's a fine line to walk and while doing so Bront Bird managed to turn his ankle. This play is characterized as A True TDNLA Moment. The best athletes in the world were not there to force Bird into falling down . . . he did it all on his own.

A thing of beauty it is to witness ATTDNLAM.

#7 Seed (Brandon Flowers and Jovan Belcher)


As the 7th Seed, Flowers and Belcher narrowly advanced last week when they defeated #10 Seed Dunta Robinson by the smallest of margins: 7 votes. The KC duo's performance did not inspire awe among BFTB readers as the first round match-up garnered the fewest total votes of the week.

Based purely on the numbers I don't know that enough of a grass roots movement exists for the double stiff-arm to defeat Bront Bird's ATTDNLAM and move on to the semifinals. But what I think is of little consequence . . . what say you BFTB?