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Is Mike McCoy the Next San Diego Chargers Head Coach?

The team flew Mike McCoy out to San Diego from Denver today. Does that make him the favorite to be their next Head Coach?


As you know, I've been tracking the movements of the San Diego Chargers' team plane. This morning I noticed something peculiar. Let's back-track.

When the "brain trust" of Dean Spanos, John Spanos and Ron Wolf were searching for a General Manager to replace A.J. Smith, they traveled to Indianapolis, New York and then stopped in Scottsdale, AZ on their way back to talk with Doug Marrone before he accepted the job as the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Since then, the team plane hasn't been doing much out of the norm. It's traveled back and forth between Stockton, CA and San Diego, and stopped in Los Angeles and Orange County right before Tom Telesco was named the team's new General Manager. That's it.

This morning, with confirmed reports that the team is interviewing Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy today, the team plane flew to Denver. It stayed there for roughly a half-hour before flying back to San Diego.

Most interviews with potential GMs and Head Coaches last over 4 hours, so I'm assuming that the team picked up McCoy in Denver for a trip back to San Diego so that they can interview him at Chargers Park. It's curious, though, that he's the first candidate that they've done this for. If Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt and/or Gus Bradley came to San Diego for their interviews, they did not get escorted there by the owner's private jet.

This doesn't mean that the team is necessarily hiring Mike McCoy as their next Head Coach, especially considering that Tom Telesco was not escorted out to San Diego from Indianapolis on the same plane, but it certainly shows a high level of interest in the second-year Offensive Coordinator.

Am I reading too much into this or should Mike McCoy be considered the Chargers' current top choice to replace Norv Turner?