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Report: San Diego Chargers to Interview Bruce Arians on Wednesday

After being rumored interest with the San Diego Chargers, Bruce Arians has finally scheduled (and re-scheduled) his interview for their open Head Coach position.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Here's an unexpected tweet from our dear friend, Kevin Acee:

I have no when the team was scheduled to interview the Offensive Coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts originally, and Acee's timeline doesn't offer much help, but it sounds like they're pushing him back a day or two so that they can talk to Mike McCoy before anyone else gets the chance.

That probably won't help the rumors that Bruce Arians is the top choice of the San Diego Chargers, and rightfully so. The Bolts have seemingly focused their interviews on young, or relatively young, candidates. Lovie Smith, who I still suspect was an interview to satisfy the Rooney Rule, is the oldest at 54 years old. Ken Whisenhunt is 50. Gus Bradley and Jay Gruden are 46 and 45, respectively.

Mike McCoy, who seems to be the one the Chargers are most interested in talking to, is the youngest of them all at 40 years old. He's 20 years younger than Arians, which makes him the same age as recently-hired Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco.

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