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Report: San Diego Chargers to Interview Jay Gruden Today

It may not be the Gruden that some Chargers fans were hoping for, but the Chargers are reportedly interviewing the Bengals' Offensive Coordinator today.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

According to Gregg Rosenthal, the San Diego Chargers will continue their search for a new Head Coach to replace Norv Turner by interviewing Cincinnati Bengals' Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden today.

Since somebody is going to ask for my opinion on Jay Gruden, I'll give it. Like many of the candidates, we have no idea if Gruden is any good or not. He was handed a rookie QB (Andy Dalton) and a rookie WR (A.J. Green) in his first season with the team and then given credit when the offense went from abysmal to average (and it's still quite average). Does the General Manager deserve zero credit? Would those guys have been any worse with another Offensive Coordinator?

I remain unimpressed by a Bengals offense that was close to be horrid through the first half of this season. They're inconsistent and their success seems to come more on the back of spectacular athleticism than due to tremendous scheming.

That being said, I won't be such a cynic to suggest that Gruden is getting an interview because of who his older brother is. Football executives talk, and someone somewhere believes that Jay Gruden is ready to be as good (or better) than Jon Gruden as a Head Coach.