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Other NFL Teams Showing Interest in John Pagano

The Browns are officially the second team to inquire about John Pagano's availability for their open Defensive Coordinator position, showing a possible change in philosophy for the Chargers' Head Coach search.


The one thing that seemed so sure heading into the Head Coaching search, that the San Diego Chargers would want someone that would take second-year Defensive Coordinator John Pagano as part of their staff, might not be a sure thing anymore.

YET! Which brings up the obvious question.....

Well, allow me to explain why the Chiefs and Browns have come calling.

First of all, it never hurts to inquire if a Defensive Coordinator is available when he has no Head Coach. Second, the San Diego Chargers' list of interviews for the Head Coaching position seems to point to a renewed apathy towards Pagano's future in San Diego. Which isn't to say that they wouldn't love to keep John on staff, but I no longer think they're allowing it to dictate their hiring process.

The Chargers, and new General Manager Tom Telesco, have moved to a point in the hiring process where they've realized how important it is to give control of the entire staff to the incoming Head Coach. They intend to leave Pagano's future with the Chargers in the hands of whomever is the team's next Head Coach, and that's probably the right thing to do. At the very least, it eliminates any reason for the Chargers' job to be seen as unattractive.

So, if John Pagano is let go, he'll probably have a job waiting for him in Cleveland with his old buddies Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski (boy, they're really building a Chargers North, aren't they?). However, he needn't start packing his bags just yet.