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That Did Not Look Athletic Playoffs: #8 Seed Versus #9 Seed

The first round of the TDNLA playoffs concludes today. Have your say in who wins the 2013 crown.

TDNLA Vice-Commissioner
TDNLA Vice-Commissioner
Athit Perawongmetha

The polls for yesterday's matchup closed at 11 am this morning on what was our first real contest. Jovan Belcher and Brandon Flowers receiving violent stiff-arms from Ryan Mathews barely edged (7 votes) Dunta Robinson's attempt to behead a teammate. I finally got the seeding correct!

If you liked yesterday's stiff-arms from Ryan Mathews, we have a special treat for you: I am pleased to present Darren McFadden versus Chargers DB Marcus Gilchrist in Week 1 of the 2012 season.

#8 Seed (Marcus Gilchrist)


This is without doubt one of my favorite GIFs of the year. Such a statement might prompt you to ask, "Then why the hell did you seed it #8, ya moron?"

I! Don't! Know! I'm a moron!

But just look at it - complete annihilation of DMC's foe. Artistic, really. Maybe I ranked it so low because I felt bad for our Charger, Marcus Gilchrist. Geez, I'm getting soft.

#9 Seed (Eric Berry)


In the early part of the year, people really loved this GIF. So much so that they voted it in the top five through week 4 of the season. During this match-up, Antonio Gates thoroughly abused Eric Berry.

Today, I appreciate this GIF a little bit more. I think it has something to do with the farce that is Eric Berry's election to the Pro Bowl. Clearly nobody watched the Chargers play the Chiefs on September 30th. Then again . . . why would they have?

Bring Round 1 to an end, BFTB faithful!

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