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San Diego Chargers WR Danario Alexander has a torn ACL

I freaking told you.

Welp. Every NFL team has one major injury during training camp that knocks a starter out for all or most of the upcoming season. San Diego Chargers fans should be happy that this injury to Danario Alexander happens to be in a position group where the team is actually quite deep.

As I stated earlier, expect Vincent Brown to take Alexander's place as the team's #2 WR and Keenan Allen to bump up into the role of slot WR. This may actually be better fits for both of them, so may this ends up being for the best.

As for Alexander, he has an extensive history of knee injuries that scared off NFL teams before the 2012 season. Add this torn ACL to the mix, and remember that he's only on a one-year contract with the Chargers, and it's easy to think that his NFL career might be over. What a shame.

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