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San Diego Chargers NT Kwame Geathers making strong case for roster spot

Has Kwame Geathers earned a place on this team through two preseason games? Jerome Watson takes a look at what Kwame Geathers has provided for the San Diego Chargers this preseason and what he will provide going forward.


Despite only having one true nose tackle on the San Diego Chargers roster leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, Tom Telesco elected to not address the position with one of his seven picks. Instead, the first-year General Manager waited patiently and grabbed NT Kwame Geathers immediately after the draft was over.

Why him? Isn't he overweight? Why didn't he stand out on a defense full of studs? He lacks a "motor". Blah, Blah, Blah...

Thankfully, for us fans, Tom Telesco prefers to concentrate on film performance and not eavesdrop on the "professionals" dialogue on incoming players and apply it to his assessment. Had the latter happened, Chargers would've missed out on a potential solid player.

Yes, this stat reflects limited snaps. Yes, Kwame Geathers is not going against starting centers. But as an UDFA, the thought of him being a consistent standout thus far is something to be very encouraged about going forward.

The Ex Georgia Bulldog, is cumbersome. Mountainous, if you will. Yet, he is athletic enough to bend and play at pad level and stout enough to hold his ground when standing fully upright. This is a lot more rare than one may think.

Check out this video of Kwame Geathers put together by our own Kyle Posey

That sure was nice. He absorbed the down block by the Bears' center and kept gaining ground. The play began at the 35 yard line and by the time it was time for the running back to make his decision, Geathers had the center pushed back three yards into the backfield. Low pad level to better initiate and/or absorb contact, then rose up (using his 6'5" frame) to see right over him. This is an athlete. This is Nose Tackle play, people.

Here's another video of Kwame Geathers that Kyle Posey put together

My, oh my. I'm ear to ear right now. I haven't seen this sort of nose tackle play in a while. Being blocked one on one is a rare occasion for a Nose Tackle. When the opportunity finally presents itself, the nose tackle must win and win outright. Kwame Geathers is consistently doing this, taking full advantage of the other team's mistakes and simultaneously making life easier on the other six defenders in the front seven.

Kwame was in on 18 snaps versus the Chicago Bears and 15 versus the Seattle Seahawks. I think 15-20 snaps is an ideal number for him and his endurance. It keeps him relatively fresh and "hungry" in a sense.

As do I, 94. As do I.

Cam Thomas is the obvious future, but every true nose tackle in the NFL cannot play extended snaps in this new pass-happy league. What Thomas lacks in the run game, Geathers more than makes up for, and vice-versa. Keeping both of the tackles fresh by issuing them well-defined roles within a game is jointly a win for the players and the club. Looking forward to watching this tandem going forward.

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