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San Diego Chargers sign WR Seyi Ajirotutu

Seyi Ajirotutu was down at Chargers Park today for a physical and a workout with the team. There's plenty of reasons to believe the team will sign the ex-Charger back, at least until the next round of roster cuts. UPDATE: They signed him!

Jeff Gross

BFTB commenter Annie gets credit for this one.

Seyi Ajirotutu isn't that different from Danario Alexander, and he has always had solid chemistry with Philip Rivers, so this is an excellent move for the depth that the San Diego Chargers need currently.

The fact that they're bringing him in for the physical and workout lead me to believe they're about to sign him. After all, it's training camp. It's not as if they need to cut someone to make room for him, and having him on the team for the next few weeks costs next to nothing. The only thing you risk by signing him is that he'll be taking snaps away from other guys, but considering how injury-prone they all are that might not be a bad thing.

At some point it's going to get awkward that the Chargers are the only team that thinks that Ajirotutu is any good, right? I mean, I thought that would stop once A.J. Smith left, but here comes Tutu again. This feels like a Rivers request that Tom Telesco is fulfilling because why not? After all, the physical should tell them that Seyi has two very healthy ACLs.


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