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Best Tweets from Chargers Training Camp: July 29, 2013

Danny Woodhead impresses everyone, King Dunlap leaves with an injury and Dwight Freeney has his way with Max Starks. These things and more in Monday's best tweets from Chargers Training Camp.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

King Dunlap got out to an early lead in the competition for the starting Left Tackle spot, but it was only a matter of time between him or Max Starks gave up some ground due to an injury. Unfortunately for Dunlap, his (not serious) injury on Monday might be enough to open the door for Starks.

I'm really glad to hear that Danny Woodhead is playing such a large part of the offense. If anyone listened to the Darren Smith show, which was at Chargers Park today, you head Darren talk about Woodhead looking impressive and integral to Ken Whisenhunt's offensive plan. You also heard Donald Butler talk about how difficult it is to defend against Woodhead in practice.

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