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San Diego Chargers sign D.J. Fluker to four-year contract

The San Diego Chargers have reached an agreement on a four-year contract with rookie Right Tackle D.J. Fluker.


Remember when it used to be big news when a team signed its first round draft pick? Since the invention of the rookie wage scale (thank you, new CBA!), negotiations are practically non-existent and rookies reporting to camp on time is a sure thing.

Today, the San Diego Chargers announced that they have signed first-round draft pick D.J. Fluker to a four-year contract. The amount of the contract wasn't announced, but I would expect it to be somewhere in the range of $11 million total for the four years. Dontari Poe, 2012's 11th overall pick, signed with the Chiefs for four years and $11.3 million. Either way, it will be a rookie deal, so we can essentially label it as "cheap" and move on.

As per usual, the first round pick was the last to sign with the team. This means that the Chargers now have all of their rookie draft class under contract and don't need to worry about money again unless/until they decide to go shopping for a free agent at some point.

D.J. Fluker

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Mar 13, 1991