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San Diego Chargers Draft WR Keenan Allen in 3rd Round

The San Diego Chargers used their third round draft pick on a playmaker that could potentially replace Vincent Jackson as a deep threat in the passing game.

Jason O. Watson

The San Diego Chargers, who have Danario Alexander, Malcom Floyd, Vincent Brown, Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal and about 10 other guys signed at Wide Receiver for 2013, used their 3rd round pick on Wide Receiver Keenan Allen out of the University of California.

Keenan Allen

Wide Receiver / San Diego Chargers



Apr 27, 2013

In 2012, Allen caught 61 passes for 737 yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. He also ran the ball 3 times for 39 yards and a rushing touchdown. Working as a punt returner, he returned 15 punts for 212 yards and a return touchdown.

Allen posses great size, speed and hands and has the ability to be a playmaker. He was once considered a first-round prospect but has been falling down draft boards for months. Why?

California wide receiver Keenan Allen's drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine was red-flagged, according to an ESPN report. The report said Allen's test showed suspicious levels of water -- a sign that someone could be attempting to flush their system -- and was ordered to take another drug test. Results of that test are not known, and Allen's agent, J.T. Johnson, said his client did not fail a drug test.

Once considered a potential mid-first round pick, Allen's stock has been freefalling since he suffered a PCL injury to his left knee in October. That ended his junior season with the Bears and kept him from working out at the combine. However, he did go through team interviews, a thorough medical check and the drug testing.

He finally returned to the field to work out for NFL teams in Greensboro, N.C., on April 9, but turned in disappointing 40-yard dash times in the 4.70-4.76 range. Allen is still building up the muscles around his knee and he did look good in positional drills last week, but the reports of a flagged drug test will only continue to weigh down his stock nine days before the NFL Draft.


Allen has what nobody else on the Chargers' roster has: The physical gifts to replace Vincent Jackson as a true threat in the passing game. However, he probably won't be ready to take on that role in his rookie season.

This is good value for a 3rd rounder, but the fans are still wondering how Tom Telesco intends on addressing the Left Tackle, Nose Tackle and Strong Safety positions.