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Finding ZBS Players: David Quessenberry, OT

In searching for mid-round players to go with the San Diego Chargers' new Zone Blocking Scheme, Jerome Watson focuses on San Jose State Tackle David Quessenberry.


David Quessenberry

#76 / Offensive Tackle / San Jose State

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 302
Year: Senior
40 Time: 5.02
bench press: 25 reps
20 yd shuttle: 4.45
10 yd dash: 1.72
3 cone drill: 7.49


For every game that David Quessenberry started in his three year career at San Jose State, he lined up on the Quarterback's blind side. Though he may not have faced top defensive competition at SJSU, the experience he got was valuable. The SJSU offense featured different formations, including pistol/spread concepts - which obviously includes Zone Blocking Scheme - so he is somewhat familiar with the scheme the San Diego Chargers are installing.

Very underrated footwork and athletic ability. He was solid in this facet at the Senior Bowl and, if it wasn't for Lane Johnson and Eric Fisher's dominance, Quessenberry would have easily been a standout. David has a solid kick-step and possesses the natural bend to play the position at the NFL level.

Outside of a mistake at the Senior Bowl practice (which I will address later), Quessenberry plays under control and within himself. You'll rarely see him lunging at defenders and his long arms allow him to consistently keep a hand on defenders who have more than one move in their arsenal. This is was on display at the 5:59 mark of this video, when Quessenberry against known caveman Margus Hunt. He absorbed the initial power move and re-anchored himself for second move. He kept a hand on Margus entire time and had no wasted movements.

As for his athletic ability, SJSU often sent Davidon trap plays. If you know what a trap play is, it's usually ran with a left or right guard pulling. SJSU trusted him to not only get there, but get there in time to find the linebacker threatening. He did this successfully and consistently.

It's not surprise that Quessenberry is such a good athlete when you recall that he was a TE here in San Diego (La Costa Canyon) and walked on at SJSU. To put his athleticism in perspective, his 3 cone drill was better than Terron Armstead's and Eric Fisher's. His 20 yard shuttle was .01 behind Fisher and better than Lane Johnson, Terron Armstead, Kyle Long and Luke Joeckel, All of whomare highly regarded due to their "athleticism".

2013 Senior Bowl - D-Line vs O-Line ONLY (via Max Lukas)


Quessenberry is slightly over 300 pounds and his thin frame is susceptible to power rushing tackles and ends. He has solid footwork but, until he completes a NFL strength program, there's no way he can play inside where most analysts see his ceiling.

Although Quessenberry posted 25 reps at the combine, he is know to have limited upper body strength. The 15:01 mark of the video shows this as he went up against UNC's Sly Williams. David, stationed at RG, assumed Sly would bull rush him and went to lunge to gain an advantage, Sly slipped right by him on his way to the instructor. If he does this or takes that mindset into an NFL game, he will fail.

Like I mentioned earlier, he hasn't played against much competition and the speed at the linebacker position in the NFL may be overwhelming early. He was positioned at RT and went versus Datone Jones (7:36 mark), who could be one of best pass rushers in this draft. Early in the drill, you see the uncertainty in containing speed but you then see his athleticsim as he recovers well.

Where He Fits

David Quessenberry played Left Tackle for the majority of his college career. Though I don't see him stepping in right away like an Eric Fisher, but he could be the perfect developmental tackle.

His frame and athletic ability could warrant a move inside to Guard but until he gets into 315-325 LB range, I'd rather him deal with speed outside than the power of the defensive tackles inside.

If drafted (later rounds), David comes in and immediately competes at with Jeromey Clary for the Right Tackle position. His versatility would give McCoy and Co. a swing Tackle on game day and, if he pans out inside in this Zone Scheme, he could provide the Chargers with a backup at three positions.

David Fales (QB San Jose State) vs Bowling Green 2012 (via footballmixtapes)