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Open Thread: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

Little baby Manningface
Little baby Manningface

Would you look at that? The NFL season has begun!

Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season kicks off at 5:30pm PDT tonight on NBC, with the World Champion New York Giants taking on their old foes, the Dallas Cowboys. The game will be played in the balmy confines of Metlife Stadium in northern New Jersey, so maybe disregard that "New York" Giants thing.

As the first meaningful football to be played in close to 9 months, this game is incredibly important. These two teams are also loaded with players that are on fantasy football teams far and wide (Come on, Dez Bryant!).

As such, all eyes will be on this game tonight and that includes your eyes. Feel free to chat about the game in the comments below, because that is what these open threads are for.