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Pick 6 Football: Better Than Yesterday's Pick 6 Football

I am Norv. The tech team is the ref.
I am Norv. The tech team is the ref.

Remember yesterday? When I was telling you about Pick 6 Football coming out and being awesome? That was a half-truth of sorts.

See, while I was telling you guys about how much I liked Pick 6 Baseball and then telling you that Pick 6 Football was out. Those things are true. Pick 6 Baseball is awesome and has been since the day it came out. I've been excited for Pick 6 Football ever since I heard it was coming months ago.

What you didn't see was me complaining to the tech team yesterday about Pick 6 Football. I didn't like the way it was set up, requiring the user to select a team before seeing any of the players are individual positions. It made it nearly impossible to compare position players and their matchups. The tech team's response? "You're right. We're going to work all night to make it awesome." And they certainly did.

Pick 6 Football is now at the level Pick 6 Baseball is, if not better. It's just as easy to compare position players and their matchups. It's glorious. Let this post stand as my official endorsement of Pick 6 Football as an incredible way to spend a few minutes each week, and an advertisement for SB Nation's fantastic tech team.

Be sure to get in your rosters for Pick 6 Football before tonight's Cowboys-Giants game or miss out on the fun for the entire weekend ahead. Here's my team for this week.