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BFTB Job Fair: We are Hiring!

I know, it's all very confusing.
I know, it's all very confusing.

The football season is upon us, the San Diego Chargers are less than a week away from playing a meaningful football game and BFTB is looking for ways to expand to handle all of it. At the behest of my superiors, we've created two (paid) positions on the staff that we're looking to fill.

  • Beat Writer - We've been over this one before. Basically looking for someone that can make their presence known at Chargers Park, in the press box at games, etc. We want someone that knows how to get quotes, build relationships and file daily progress reports. The more availability and experience with covering breaking news, the better. The pay is very low, so we're mostly aiming for students that are looking for experience and exposure rather than professional journalists.
  • Social Media Manager - Lots of opportunity here. You'd be in charge of running the BFTB Facebook page, the Google+ page, our YouTube page and doing some stuff on Twitter, as well as making sure we're getting all of our stuff in front of the right audiences on Pinterest and Reddit. This is more than just copying and pasting links, we're talking genuine interaction with the crowd. It is "social" media after all.
With an audience of roughly 5,000 unique visitors every day, BFTB offers a great opportunity to get in front of fans of the San Diego Chargers. We've grown rapidly up to that number and would like to bring on new staff members that can help us continue to grow quickly.

I'm scheduled to interview a few people this week for the Beat Writer position, but that doesn't mean that applications still won't be accepted and candidates considered. If you're interested in either of these positions, send me an e-mail over at with your resume and/or qualifications. If you're interested in trying to get both of these positions (and both paychecks), that is an option that I'd be willing to consider.

All applicants will be considered, and don't be shy about e-mailing me with any questions that you have about either position.