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Approval Rating: Norv Turner


As I mentioned in this morning's A.J. Smith approval poll, an approval poll for Norv Turner would be coming later today. Well, later is now, and here is that aforementioned Norv Turner approval poll.

Also mentioned in the article preceding that poll: you better get used to these approval polls, they're going to be a weekly occurrence around here. As we get a few of these polls under our collective belt, I'll start graphing the results so we can see how opinions change throughout the season. And maybe I'll get all fancy and plot the team's winning percentage along with AJ and Norv's approval ratings just to see how much "winning cures all", or the opposite.

Since last week's poll, the Chargers played in their final preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. The Chargers were, for lack of a better term, trounced by the 49ers. San Diego left San Francisco on the short end of a 35-3 final score. Read into that all you'd like. You could give it all the weight in the world, or you can look at the final score of the last preseason game as completely meaningless.

That's the beauty of these polls: you can vote however you see fit.

Also worth taking to account, the 22 players cut by the Chargers this last week and the subsequent 7 signed to the Practice Squad. You know Norv had a say in those cuts and signings, so give that some weight if you'd like.

I think that covers the happenings this last week. Vote and comment away!