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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: September 26, 2012

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

NFL: Week 3 knee-jerk reactions - Staff
Look, it was a bad day for San Diego. There is not much to positive to point to. The Falcons was the best team the Chargers who were impressive as they started 2-0 -- have played, and San Diego was completely manhandled. Until the Chargers beat an upper-level team, they will be reminded of Week 3.

ReFo: Falcons @ Chargers, Week 3 - Thomas Maney
There were some bright spots on the edge. Antwan Barnes (+1.6) had a pressure and sack in only nine rushes, and primarily worked with his hand on the ground from the right side. Melvin Ingram, who added three pressures on 17 pass rushes, looked impressive as he makes a case for more playing time.

When the real refs come back, it's a 15-yard penalty for booing - Matt Calkins (UT$)
The game's best whistle-blowers have proven themselves inimitable and essential. So a year or two from now, when you're seething mad and about to follow an official to his car, let the replacement-ref era remind you -- it could be a lot worse.

Chargers may limit Mathews’ carries because of fumbles - Josh Alper
Three of Mathews’ 11 fumbles have come in the red zone, which means that any situational similarity lies elsewhere. If there is a smoking gun, the Chargers would do well to find it because losing the turnover battle isn’t going to get the Chargers back on the winning side of the scoreboard very often.

Whoops! School paints midfield logo at 45-yard line - Frank Schwab
There's a simple reason they call it a midfield logo. It goes at midfield.

NFL fans blacked out, riled up - Shaun Assael
And recently, FCC commissioner Robert McDowell issued a statement saying: "We live in a world with not only local broadcast stations, but also cable, satellite, the Internet and wireless, and where television and mercheadizing revenues exceed ticket sales. It is appropriate for us to re-examine the rule in light of marketplace changes."

Premiere - Randall Munroe
In 800 million years the aging, brightening sun will boil away the oceans, and all this will be blowing sand.