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Approval Rating: Norv Turner, Week 4

The Chargers were dominated by the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday. How much of that loss rests on the shoulders of Head Coach Norv Turner?

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This was the first time that Norv Turner's Chargers failed to score a touchdown in a game. In fact, this was the first time in nearly 10 years that the Chargers failed to score a touchdown in a game. The last time this occurred was November 24th, 2002 in Miami when the Chargers lost 30-3. Since then, the team scored at least one touchdown in 151 straight games. Not anymore.

Does the lack of offensive success rest solely on Norv Turner's shoulders? That's for you to decide.

Was it Norv Turner who threw 2 interceptions and fumbled the ball twice? Obviously not, but could he have done anything to reduce those turnovers. Likely not, but some fans feel otherwise. Was Ryan Mathews rushed out to play? It didn't look like it. Is Philip Rivers regressing to his 2011 self? It's starting to look like it, can Norv fix it? Can Norv do anything to improve the pass rush?

There were plenty of issues in the game on Sunday, and many people on the Chargers conspired together to bring those issues out. Is Norv Turner still doing a good job as Head Coach in spite of the team's showing on Sunday? Was he the instigator in that whole mess? Does your opinion lie somewhere in-between?

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