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San Diego Chargers weekly poll question: was that as bad as it gets?


Well, yesterday's game was about as bad as we've gotten to see in quite some time around here. That raises the question, "was that the worst game the Chargers will play this season?" We'd all like to think so, I'm sure. Atlanta isn't the only upper tier team the Chargers face this year, though, and they still have time to suffer injuries (fun fact: the Chargers are actually remarkably healthy).

I'm sure those of you that have been around for more than a couple months can recall some of the terrible games the Chargers have played against the Jets, Ravens and Steelers. All three of those games are still coming up. And don't forget the possibility of getting blown out next week by a frustrating Chiefs squad, or coming back from the bye to lose to a terrible club like the Browns. Things could definitely get worse. But will they? Vote after the jump. Let us know why in the comments.

I mean, that was bad, but can't it always get worse? I'll bet it gets worse. Games in Pittsburgh always seem to end badly (except that one time). And seriously, think how ugly things could get if Rivers were knocked out of a game.