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News from Around the AFC West: Week 3


Denver Broncos

Everyone put your champagne away, unlike last week, the Broncos haven't won the Super Bowl this week. Oh, and Peyton Manning is human!

We've all heard the score by now, and read the reports about Peyton Manning's poor showing against the Atlanta Falcons. Apparently he was so bad in that game, that all the media coverage of the Broncos since that game has been questioning Manning's arm strength. Has his arm turned into a noodle? Some are actually saying yes.

Manning is taking the criticism in stride, mostly scoffing at the question if he's ever asked. Much like it was hardly appropriate to crown a team after one win, questioning a Quarterback's arm strength is hardly appropriate after one game.

Despite throwing 3 interceptions in the first quarter alone, the Broncos kept the game relatively close and made things interesting at the end. Ultimately, the Falcons were able to hold on to the lead and did the Chargers a favor. Also good news for the Chargers? Denver seems to have trouble covering Tight Ends. Cue evil laugh.

This week, the Broncos prepare to host the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon. Based on their first two games, the Texans look to be just as tough a matchup for Denver as the Falcons were. Aside from that it's been a rather quiet week in Denver.

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Kansas City Chiefs

I would offend no-one if I were to say Kansas City has looked nothing short of abysmal in their first two games of this young season. Spend any time over at Arrowhead Pride and you'll see they're even more harsh on their favorite team than I could ever expect to be.

One can't point to just one thing that's going wrong with the Chiefs right now, it's practically everything that's an issue. Some could blame GM Scott Pioli, others could blame injuries to Jamaal Charles or Kevin Boss, or it could be the Head Coach Romeo Crennel, or some have even blamed team chemistry. It's likely just a combination of all those factors, but the fact is: the Chiefs aren't playing like a very good football team right now.

It's often said that one of the key factors in an NFL team's success each season is luck. And being lucky with injuries is one of the key factors to being "lucky" in the NFL. Injury luck doesn't appear to be on the Chiefs' side to start the season as 25 percent of their roster is on Wednesday's injury report. Ouch (no pun intended).

This week, the Chiefs head to the Super Dome to face Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have been struggling lately, but the Chiefs defense will still have their hands full with that offense.

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Oakland Raiders

If there's a team in the AFC West that is giving the Chiefs a run for their money in ineptitude, it has to be the Oakland Raiders. Two games into the 2012 NFL Season, the Oakland Raiders offense has managed to score TWO touchdowns. So much for Darren McFadden tearing up defenses.

There was hope this year in Oakland and throughout the league that all the new faces in the Raiders organization would really turn the franchise around and make them respectable again. That hasn't happened yet and the fans are beginning to turn. Again this week, Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp seems to be drawing the lion's share of the fans' ire. But that's not the only thing that's troubling in Oakland. After blowing up their entire cornerback corps, there seems to be quite a bit of scrambling going on as they try to fill some glaring holes at the position.

The road to victory doesn't get any easier for Oakland this week as the Steelers come to town.

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