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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on BFTB - Week 2 Results & Week 3 Reminder


Last week, I took over reminding you clowns about Pick 6 Football, on SB Nation. It's a simple game conceptually, but there is a great deal of skill* involved. Each week we all start with the same budget ($120) and the same goal: put together a combination of players (QB, WR, RB, TE, K & Wild Card) that will score more points than any other.

Remember that popular players (as measured by how often people choose them for this contest) will go up in price, so less popular players will likely be more cost effective.

Congratulations to (another brand new) member, hawkers, for finishing 1st on the Bolts from the Blue leader board in Week 2 and 64th (yeah, we sucked this week, guys) overall out of over 2,500 participants on the network. That's sort of impressive, I guess. This week's last place finisher, macaj100, appears to be a Celtics fan that isn't even a member of Bolts from the Blue. I'm guessing he clicked the wrong box somewhere along the line. Congrats to him on screwing up at least twice. Check out hawkers' team after the jump.

Week 1 Winning Roster - hawkers
POS Player Team Points
QB Philip Rivers
SD 23.3
RB Stevan Ridley
NE 9.5
WR Demaryius Thomas
DEN 13.8
TE Scott Chandler
BUF 11.3
K Nate Kaeding SD 8.0
WC C.J. Spiller
BUF 29.0

Use the comments below to discuss last week (talk trash to the failures like myself) and to discuss your Week 3 strategy (don't worry, nobody's going to steal your ideas).

Check it out now at Pick 6 Football, follow us on Twitter, and give us a Like on Facebook.