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Approval Rating: A.J. Smith, Week 3


Another week, another win. That brings our win-total up to two, making the San Diego Chargers one of only six teams in the NFL (and two teams in the AFC) currently undefeated. The Chargers having a 2-0 record is something we haven't seen since 2006.

This week's key word is "depth." Despite the Chargers offense being without 3 key starters in Ryan Mathews, Antonio Gates and Jared Gaither, the offense still managed to put up 38 points. Philip Rivers did have some trouble avoiding pressure in the pocket, but he was still able to connect with his favorite target of the game — Dante Rosario — for 3 touchdown passes.

The Chargers defense turned in another great game (penalties aside), and they held the Titans to just 10 points. Oh and Chris Johnson, well the shell of Chris Johnson, was held to just 17 rushing yards on 8 carries. That's some kind of nice.

Courtesy of injuries, we got to see more of A.J. Smith's offseason moves on display this week. Judging by the final score and the productivity, he seems to have made all the right moves this year. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen, but so far, so good.

Well, at least that's my take on the situation. You may agree or disagree. Let us know your thoughts in the poll and in the comments after the jump.

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