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Chargers Reason to Celebrate: Playoff Odds


The San Diego Chargers are in first place of a division that already looks like it'll come down to a two-team race. The Denver Broncos play just about every good NFL team not from San Francisco or Green Bay this season. After two weeks, the Bolts' playoff odds look good. Consider the following:

  • Teams that have started 2-0 have made the playoffs 64.1 percent of the time (107 of 167).

So, there are your current playoff odds. With 12.5% of the regular season completed, there's a 64.1% chance that the Bolts make it to the postseason and a 35.9% chance that they don't. Fun, right? Right.

There are five teams sitting at 2-0 after two games, and only one of them is on the schedule of the Chargers this year (whichever one wins tonight's game). Much is building towards the Chargers-Broncos game in San Diego on October 15th.

Helping the Chargers chances is that they should actually be getting healthier as the season goes along. Ryan Mathews will return and improve the running game. Vincent Brown will return and improve the passing game. Antonio Gates will as well. Logic dictates that Jared Gaither will probably be back before the season is over. That's a lot of impact players that could make the team we saw yesterday even deeper and more dangerous on offense.