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Playbook Confidential: Chargers vs Titans, Part 1

"I wear sunglasses because my coaching seat is so hot."  Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE
"I wear sunglasses because my coaching seat is so hot." Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

So that game ended well for the Chargers, much better than I anticipated going into it without Gates and Mathews. In addition to some sporty new sunglasses that Norv showed up to the game with, he had some other nice little surprises up his short sleeves for this game.

Perhaps Norv wanted to show Bill Belichick that he's not the only one that knows how to use multiple tight ends to exploit the weakness of a defense. Anyways, after the jump I will hit you with a quick breakdown of the personnel groupings that Norv broke out for this game to prepare you for Orz's awesome breakdown of this bad boy.

For a quick review of the terminology to be used in this article, jump over here and come right back.

Here is the breakdown for the first half:

Personnel Run Pass
11 4 13
12 1 6
13 1
20 1
21 6 2
22 3 2

  • As expected, lots of passing with one RB in the game, and lots of running with multiple RB's in the game. *yawn*
  • But wait, what's that? 13 personnel? Very interesting. Orz will hit that one tomorrow.
  • Ooh, and 20 personnel too?
Okay, now on to the 2nd half:

Personnel Run Pass
11 2
12 2 6
21 3 3
22 5 1
23 1

  • Again, no surprises here.
  • Only two runs from singleback formations in the second half, when Norv decided that he needed to fall back onto the power running game (and multiple RB sets) to chew down the clock.
Now on to the total game numbers:

Personnel Run Pass
00 0 0
01 0 0
02 0 0
10 0 0
11 4 15
12 3 12
13 0 1
20 1 0
21 9 5
22 8 3
23 1 0
  • Yikes look at those 11 and 12 personnel numbers. Talk about tipping your hand. 80% of the time that Norv brings only one runningback into the huddle, he throws a pass on the ensuing play. Granted, since 11 personnel is the go-to formation for passing situations and 3rd downs, it's not always about catching the defense off-guard, but it will be interesting to see if 11 and 12 personnel continue to be so predictable.
  • The other common packages, 21 and 22 personnel were once again run-biased, with a 68/32 run-pass ratio.
Norv brought 2 new wrinkles to the game with him in the form of 13 personnel and 20 personnel. Again, Orz will be getting to that one in his post tomorrow, so stand by for that.

With the exception of a couple new packages that we haven't see in a while (or ever), this was a pretty vanilla game personnel-wise. Feel free to leave your comments if you noticed another trend that I didn't comment on.