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Why the Chargers Will Lose: Tennessee Titans

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Welcome to 'Why the Chargers Will Lose', a weekly feature where we tell you why the San Diego Chargers might lose to their upcoming opponent.

Jake Locker

Let's not go crazy about Locker's shoulder injury from Week 1. This kid is tough as nails, and has practiced each of the last two days. In addition to that, he's very good and very dangerous. With a powerful, accurate arm and legs that can get him out of a jam, Jake is exactly the type of QB that is impossible to gameplan against.

Before getting knocked out of the game by the Patriots, Locker put up an entire game's worth of impressive stats. He went 23/32 for 229 passing yards, throwing 1 interception and 1 touchdown. He also had 11 yards rushing, including a 9 yard gain for a first down. The Chargers can't rely on him being "young" or injured, because chances are he's showing up ready for another big game.

Kenny Britt

Britt's career to this point has been a series of on-the-field highs and off-the-field lows. In 2010, he finished with 42 catches for 775 yards and 9 touchdowns despite starting in just 7 games. In 2011, he was on a blistering pace (14 catches for 271 yards and 3 TDs in his first 2 games) before tearing his ACL and MCL in the third game.

He missed the first game of this season due to a suspension from the NFL for repeated run-ins with Johnny Law. He'll be plenty motivated to be back on the first for the first time in a year against the Chargers, and nobody has ever denied that he has the skills to be one of the best WRs in the game.

Kamerion Wimbley

If you haven't heard about this yet, get ready to be steamrolled by it: The last time Wimbley was in San Diego, as part of the Oakland Raiders, he faced a backup Left Tackle (Brandyn Dombrowski) and burned him for 4 sacks and 7 total tackles. Less than a year later, Wimbley will be back in San Diego to face another rookie Left Tackle in Mike Harris. This could go real bad.

Wimbley already got a sack in Week 1 against Tom Brady and the vaunted New England Patriots' offensive line. Norv Turner will have to be sure he has at least two guys over there to protect Philip Rivers from Wimbley, and that will limit the rest of the offense.