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Charging Back: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans, 2010

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Rewind time, back to October 31st of the 2010 season when the Tennessee Titans came to play the 2-5 San Diego Chargers in a game they had every right and ability to win but couldn't. Vince Young left the game in the fourth quarter, as did then star Wide Receiver Kenny Britt in the first quarter. So what were some of the significant happenings of this game?

Well, remember the 2010 special teams? No? You just have to watch the first drive, and punt, of the game, that Mike Scifres had blocked for a safety. Forgot about that one right? Probably because the Chargers won the game 33-25 and that was the only special teams gaffe of the match. Let's move on.

Vince Young seemed to be on fire, somewhat. He barely completed half of his 21 passes (10) but each completion went for an average of an unbelievable 25 yards. One touchdown went to Nate Washington who was open 50 yards downfield with nay a defender within 15 yards of him. Chris Johnson averaged just 2 yards per carry on every one of his 15 carries except for the 29 yarder that wrapped around the field and featured poor tackling and attack angles. There were blown coverages everywhere on the field and no sacks from the front seven, despite some pressure. I'm sure hoping things will be different this time.

After all was said and done, Chris Johnson dropped a 4th down pass that would have kept a potential game-tying drive alive, Donnie Nickey was ejected for smacking a ref instead of Mooch, and Philip Rivers set an NFL record for passing yards in an 8 game stretch with 2649 yards on a touchdown pass to Darren Sproles. Also, Jeff Fisher lost to Norv Turner for something like the 8th time in a row in his career. Fisher's now in St Louis, unfortunately.

Now, for Sunday's game, Jake Locker isn't Vince Young, or Kerry Collins for that matter. Between him and backup Matt Hasselbeck throwing, New England gave up 272 passing yards, and just 6 plays longer than 15 yards. However, Chris Johnson is still there, and his longest run went for five yards. Kamerion Wimbley left the Black hole for Tennessee. Remember him? He's the one who owned Brandyn Dombrowski for four sacks on TNF last season. He already has a sack this year and will be looking for more, I would think. Assuming Wimbley is blocked better than last year, and the Charger's defense can contain CJ2K as well as DMC last week, I see a 27-17 win.