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Game Preview: Bears at Packers, Thursday Night Football

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It's Week 2 of the NFL Season, and we already have an incredibly important game to watch on a Thursday(!).

If the Green Bay Packers lose this game, they fall to 0-2. In the history of the NFL, only 12% of teams starting the season 0-2 have made the playoffs. Not only that, the Pack will be 0-2 against teams that will most likely be in the NFC playoff hunt. They will also be 0-2 at home, which seems to put them at a big disadvantage when trying to claw their way back to the top of the division.

Don't be fooled by it being early, the Packers need to win this game and they know it. Unfortunately, the Bears know it too. It would be a big boost to them and their playoff/Super Bowl hopes if they could knock (maybe) their biggest division rival almost out of the playoffs in Week 2 of the season. They will come out firing with their offense, which looks good with the additions of Michael Bush and Brandon Marshall (as well as the subtraction of Mike Martz), and their defense (which is old but really talented).

Join us at BFTB tonight around 5pm (kickoff is 5:20 PDT) for our weekly Thursday Night Football open thread. It's bound to be a good time.