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What To Watch For: Titans RB Chris Johnson

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You want fan outrage? Check this out.

Chris Johnson (Rookie Contract, 3 seasons): 4,598 rush yds (4.97 ypc), 34 rush TDs, 137 catches, 1,008 rec yds, 4 rec TDs

Chris Johnson (After holding out and getting a new contract, 1 season): 1,047 rush yds (4.0 ypc), 4 rush TDs, 57 catches, 418 rec yds

To put it into perspective, those first 3 seasons cost the Tennessee Titans a total of $1.23 million in salary. Last season cost them $3 million in salary. Let's not even discuss the $10 million signing bonus he got either.

Needless to say, TItans fans, coaches and ownership are looking for a bit more from "Cop Speed" in the second year of his big contract (that he held out to get). So bad.

vs NEP / 9.9.12 Rushing Receiving
Rush Yards Avg TD Rec Yards Avg TD
Chris Johnson 11 4 0.4 0 6 47 7.8 0

Johnson ran for more than 70 yards in just 3 of the Titans' 16 regular-season games last season. If the Chargers can use the same gameplan they did with Darren McFadden to keep Johnson in the 50-rushing-yards-or-less area, they should be well on their way to 2-0 to start the season.