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San Diego Chargers: Quentin Jammer's Broken Hand

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Hey, look at The Silver Fox breaking news like he's a beat writer. The news coming out of Chargers Park this morning is that Quentin Jammer broke his hand against the Oakland Raiders and had surgery on it already. He's not expected to miss any time, but he will play with a cast on that hand for a few weeks.

In addition, 2nd year Cornerback Shareece Wright sprained his ankle in the game and is expected to miss a few weeks. That makes the San Diego Chargers' already-shallow depth chart at the position look a little....scary.

The fallout from these injuries is two-fold. For one, Jammer will be hindered. He still has his speed and instincts, and he tends to hit with his shoulder, but this will make it difficult to him to grab the opposing player and shoe-string tackles will be hiatus for a few weeks. It hurts the running game and the passing game, especially the deep passing game, but only a little bit.

The Wright injury probably means that someone on the team is getting released (Jackie Battle?) to make room for the 5th CB that the team has needed for a while. As for who it might be, your guess is as good as mine, but the Chargers will be looking for someone that can make a special teams impact the same way Wright (and Battle?) does.