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Live-Blog: Building the San Diego Chargers 2012 Practice Squad

Welcome to the club, Chris Owusu.
Welcome to the club, Chris Owusu.

Useful: Practice Squad Salary, Eligibility, Rules and More

There are eight open slots on the practice squad and most, if not all, of them will be filled by the end of today. We already have the first signing in.

11:10am: Chris Owusu, WR Apparently the team liked what they saw from Owusu in the final preseason game. I like his speed/size combination. I don't love his hands. Source

12:15pm: Here come the guys that were with the San Diego Chargers in training camp that have signed back to the practice squad:

  • Edwin Baker, RB
  • Charlie Bryant, OT
  • Greg Gatson, CB
  • Lorgan Harrell, DE
  • Damik Scafe, DE
  • Mike Willie, WR
There's now just one spot left open on the practice squad, but (like the 53-man roster) that doesn't mean all of these guys are guaranteed to stay.