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San Diego Chargers Win Preseason Game Against Green Bay Packers, 21-13

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The score and outcome of this game doesn't matter. Let's break this game down a different kind of way, a way that makes more sense for an exhibition game.

Good News: Curtis Brinkley looked good against the Packers third-string defense. He finished with 42 rush yds (1 td) and 15 rec yds.
Bad News: Ryan Mathews left the game with a shoulder injury after running the ball just once. We're awaiting word on the severity of the injury. (Good news is that he was the only Chargers injury as far as I could tell)

Good News: Melvin Ingram, in place of injured Jarrett Johnson, looked like he is everything the team has advertised him to be. He was a dominant pass-rusher and did everything else well also.
Bad News: There is a worrisome lack of depth at cornerback, which was made more evident by Marcus Gilchrist missing the game with an injury.

Good News: Micheal Spurlock, Taylor Embree and Vincent Brown all looked like they are good enough to be NFL wide receivers.
Bad News: Robert Meachem and Philip Rivers have still yet to form a good connection, which led to Rivers' one interception for the game. Eddie Royal isn't forming much of a connection by sitting injured on the sideline either.

Good News: Darrell Stuckey and Shareece Wright continue to be fantastic special team players.
Bad News: Brandon Taylor didn't look close to being ready to start for this team. Atari Bigby looked good against the run, but he's made of glass.

That's it. You're pretty much caught up on the game. There was a beautiful pass from Rivers to Antonio Gates for the team's first TD. The second TD was Vincent Brown carrying second-stringers into the end zone after catching a wide open pass. The third TD was Curtis Brinkley powering it in against the third-stringers. The defense looked good and the Chargers as a whole looked deeper than the Packers.

Add your own good news/bad news in the comments.