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Game Thread: Packers at Chargers, Preseason (Second Half)

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At the end of the half, the San Diego Chargers are up 14-7 against the Green Bay Packers.

The big news of the night is that Ryan Mathews left the game with a shoulder injury after just 1 carry, and it's unknown how severe the injury is.

The first quarter was a collection of follies. Philip Rivers threw an interception on a comeback route to Robert Meachem, Aaron Rodgers was picked off by Antoine Cason ever getting hit by Melvin Ingram while throwing, and there have been three fumbles combined between the two teams as well (including one by rookie RB Michael Hayes).

So far, Melvin Ingram looks fantastic and undrafted rookie free agent Mike Harris held his own at Left Tackle against the Packers first-teamer. Vincent Brown is making all of those that have predicted a big year for him (myself included) look awfully smart.

The second half should be somewhat boring, a field full of players that might be good enough to make an NFL team but probably are not, but we'll be here chatting about it like always.