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Game Thread: Packers at Chargers, Preseason (First Half)

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Football! Live football is here and ready for your eager eyes to absorb. Even if you have to listen to Jon Gruden while watching the game (I guess you don't have to, there are mute buttons), it's still totally worth it to see 11 offensive and 11 defensive players where San Diego Chargers jerseys and attempting to run plays called the their respective coaches.

The question that always comes around each preseason is if the Defensive Coordinator should scale back on blitzing (so at to not give anything away for the regular season) or blitz more (build confidence and experience with those plays). I suppose the same is true with the offense, where Norv Turner seems to call more screen passes in the preseason than he does in the regular season (which makes sense, since they're one of the few "timing" plays in the passing offense).

Either way, it should be fun to watch and then come back here tonight/tomorrow to dissect. I'll see you guys in the comments. Here's how to watch/listen to the game:


Radio: XTRA 1360AM


Some late injury news/updates: