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BFTB After Dark: August 7, 2012

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The perfect follow-through.
The perfect follow-through.

Since it has been a while since you guys have had the pleasure of hearing my velvety voice without also having to see my leathery face, here is the audio from my appearance on Craig Elsten's show on 1090am this weekend. Craig, along with a lot of other people, really seemed to enjoy my non-stop tweeting from Chargers Fan Fest on Saturday. It's a damn shame that I can't make it out to more practices.

Anyway, I have a question that I'd like people to answer in the comments below. Why does everyone seem awfully concerned with Jared Gaither missing the first week and a half of practice but nobody seems to mind the Eddie Royal has missed the same amount of time? Is it because of Gaither's reputation? The fact that he's protecting Philip Rivers' blindside? Or because the initial report was "cramps" when it should've been "back spasms"?


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